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Reinforced Kevlar Cables | SGS 100,000 Bends Tested!

In the era of smart devices, mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives, making USB charging and data cables a necessity for frequent use.


However, the original cable turns out to be prone to damage. Not to mention the annoying truth that it normally takes at least 3 hours to fully charge the iPhone’s battery. So, an ultra-durable and fast charging data cable would be a perfect choice for our users.


To meet this demand, Tankya utilizes Kevlar aramid fibersee below, the same material used in body armor, for its cables.


Kevlar fiber also demonstrates fire resistance and insolubility. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -196°C to 380°C without significant change.


That is to say, Tankya Kevlar cables provide overcharge protection, heat protection, and electromagnetic shielding, ensuring safety during phone charging. For the USB-C to Lightning PD fast charge cable for iPhone, we utilize a more integrated Lightning chipset to enhance the charging experience.


According to experiments conducted in our laboratory, the strength of Tankya Kevlar cable is 5 times stronger than steel of the same quality, withstanding pulling forces of up to 100 KG. It has also passed over 100,000 times of 60° swing tests.


In terms of charging speed, our tests revealed that when charging an iPhone from 0% power, Tankya Kevlar USB-C to Lightning cable can charge it to over 40% within 20 minutes and over 55% within 30 minutes (with a power adapter of 18W or above). This charging speed is approximately 3.6 times faster than normal cable charging with Apple's former original 5V/1A charger.


The Tankya Kevlar cable is a remarkable fusion of durability and speed, engineered with ultra-durable materials that ensure long-lasting performance while delivering lightning-fast charging capabilities, making it a highly sought-after choice in the cable market.


In addition to the 18W PD fast charging USB-C to Lightning cable, we also offer the same series of USB-C to USB-C 20V/3A 60W Kevlar cable and USB-C to USB-C 20V/5A 100W Kevlar cables with E-marker chip PD fast charging. We make every effort to meet the market's needs.


We are grateful for your support and interest in what we do. If you have any further questions or would like to connect with us, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you again, and we look forward to serving you in the future.


*Kevlar, a composite material developed by DuPont of the United States, exhibits characteristics such as low density, high strength, good toughness, high-temperature resistance, and easy processing. It is often referred to as "armor guards."


Tankya is the leading Apple MFi Manufacturing License(Version 7.0), which was established in 2006, and has been specializing in Apple accessories for over 14 years. If you have any inquiry, welcome to contact us.