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Reducing 35% Plastic Waste: Tankya's Commitment to Sustainability

With the escalating consumption of plastic-contained goods, our planet is grappling with a staggering amount of plastic waste that lingers for centuries, inflicting severe harm. This menace poses a grave threat to wildlife, disrupts delicate ecosystems, and even jeopardizes human health. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, we have taken decisive action to curtail our plastic impact and safeguard the environment.

As a leading cable manufacturer, we have made substantial investments in engineering, molding, and raw material sourcing to introduce biodegradable cables made from wheat straw. These innovative cables effectively decrease the quantity of plastic waste that accumulates in landfills and oceans by a remarkable 35%, thus fostering a future defined by sustainability.


In tandem with our development of biodegradable cables, we have also prioritized the creation of 100% plastic-free packaging, proudly adorned with FSC Certification. Our esteemed clients can now choose from a wide range of eco-friendly alternatives, assuring that their choices align with their values. Through these endeavors, we aspire to ignite a collective movement, inspiring others to join us in shielding the environment and mitigating our plastic footprint.


Would you like to embrace these biodegradable products? Reach out to our team to delve deeper into our extensive array of environmentally friendly options. Together, we possess the power to forge a sustainable future.


We appreciate your support of our unwavering commitment to environmental preservation.




The Tankya Team