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Biodegradable cables | Making our own eco-effort to save the earth!

With the fast consumption of plastic-contained goods on a daily basis, our environment is going through a harsh and painful process of absorbing the plastic waste. While the production of plastic products might only take seconds to finish, the waste that it produced will take hundreds or even thousands of years to decompose. Our world is loosing its ecological balance. 

More and more civilians though, start to realize the importance and urgency of decreasing plastic waste and act on their own to help by using subsititutes such as paper bags or decomposable plastics. 

Being the leading cable manufacturer, we understand it is part of our responsibility to protect the environment too. As cables are essential to our daily lives and the fact that plastic jacket is impossible to totally avoid, we aimed at using the least plastic in the manufacturing process. Thus, since 2009, we have been investing great effort in engineering, molding and raw material sourcing and successfully launched our very own biodegradable cables.

By incorporating the naturally biodegradable component of wheat staw, this new series is aiming at increasing the awareness of environmental protection of the great consumers out there and protecting our earth to a maximum extent. 

To strengthen the effectiveness of less plastic impact in our products, we have further developed 100% plastic-free packaging with FSC Certification, for clients' extensive selection. We anticipate, together with our joined efforts, the world will become a much better place for all its living creatures! 

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Yours respectfully, 

Tankya Team